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Trip to Lisbon time to start.

We are starting our trip to Lisbon with MPS Satellite as a most innovate printer monitoring system. It is worth to note that MPS Satellite will be 1 of 16 polish startup and only one that presents solutions that supporting printers management.

Where you can find us? 

Monday is the first day of Web Summit conferences and its opening day. We will be at the audience of Central Stage. Our adventure will begin on Tuesday in Pavilion 2 – at stand A319.

Who will talk to you?

We are taking really strong team that will be able to answer for all your MPS questions.

GF Portret Osobowy llaskowski SQ

CEO in Ediko Sp. z o.o.
The most experience person in Manage Print Services field.
He is working in Ediko since 10 years while he have reached strong 
knowledge about customers needs.

GF Portret Osobowy apajek SQ

Vice CEO, VP, CMO in Ediko Sp. z o.o.
Person who started idea of programming MPS Satellite and who is still actively developing our product. Well experienced in marketing and advertisement field. Person who fell in love in Portugal and its capital while working in Leo Burnet Portugal.

GF Portret Osobowy akaliszewski SQ

CTO in Ediko Sp. z o.o.
Adam is responsible for the biggest implementation of software in Poland. Probably he is the best follow print solutions specialist, who constantly developing his skills in project management.

GF Portret Osobowy nrozyc SQ

Norbert RÓŻYC
Project Manager and Software Support in Ediko Sp. z o.o.
Person that developed his software implementation skills in the biggest channel of Hewlett-Packard partners. He is actively supporting MPS Satellite in creating its own international partnership channel.