The Big Bang Theory! How we did the demo of our Satellite?

The time has come when you had to decide to end one and start the next stage of life. It sounds very lofty but there is a serious reason why we are sharing with you our brand new demo of MPS Satellite – fully on-line and also with a 100% real data.

Those who know our Satellite genesis can guess how we love all space inspirations and ideology. If only you register to our on-line demo you will see a piece of story taken from the Big Bang Theory. You can explore some Universities and NASA locations, where we have placed printers. Thanks to that we can now show how much all those series people print and where do they have the biggest amount of printers. It is not the end Рyou can do a live scan for that printers just to check out how the monitoring works.

Just go to and Register your free account. Remember that this is only a demonstration of key features in our application, so we will not let you broke anything and you even shouldn’t try.

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