How to integrate MPS Satellite with SDK

We are pleased to present the new feature that MPS Satellite gains from S.2.4. By implementing cloud communication, anyone with their own fleet management system has the ability to integrate with their MPS Satellite system.

Just declare an internet address,.:, that application could periodically send certain information to the cloud using the POST method.

Technical Guide. How to set up a cloud instance?

To integrate, you must equip your application with a code that will process the data sent from MPS Satellite. If your application uses PHP technology, implement the following lines in a specific location:


echo '(enter your system name) connection success.';
$post = $_POST;
$coded = (($post['cloud']));
$uncoded = base64_decode($coded);
$array = unserialize($uncoded);
echo 'data sended and recived';


By entering the above code into your application, all data sent by MPS Satellite will be aggregated into a variable $array.

When you implement a function that reads a variable in your system and distributes it appropriately, this integration step can be considered complete.

How to set up MPS Satellite?

1. The first step is obviously to provide the ability to send POST data to the indicated address.

2. The second step is to set the appropriate address in MPS Satellite in the tab Settings > Config > Core > Personalization, in the Data Cloud Address section.

3. The next step is to define the frequency of the automatic connection to the data cloud source. This configuration should be done in the schedule section:

4. The last step is to verify that the data is sent correctly. To check it, just go to one of the monitored devices and look out for the left side of the page, where from version S.2.4. – the dedicated window is available. It will signal the connection to an external data cloud.


Why use integration?

The SDK for MPS Satellite was developed primarily to meet the needs of those application users who manage more than one company with printers. If an IT servicing or servicing customer uses their own subscription and service management solution, then MPS Satellite can put the right data in that system – automatically.

Integration is the biggest advantage for integrators who base their business on Manage Print Services roles.