About MPS Moon features.

MPS Moon is an answer for needs of MPS Satellite users, who requested for access to informations from others MPS Satellite, that are collecting their clients data.

According to common knowledge – Moon is Earth’s only satellite  and its role is quite important, because it stabilize our gravity. It was an inspiration, which inspired us to implement those features into MPS Satellite as an extension. And since version S.2.0 MPS Satellite with Moon functionalities active, can receive all informations that are send from other Satellites, by active connectivity with email – IMAP inbox.

These features lead to a clear increase in MPS Satellite utility, which could become key knowledge base of printers deployed in different locations of companies that are covered by the service personnel.

Activate MPS Moon functions for free. Free activation is available for users with a license for a minimum of 100 devices.

Moon - activation process

To activate the MPS Moon functions is imperative to complete the form fields, authorizing connection to the mailbox.

  • The mailbox must support IMAP connections.
  • We suggest to create a dedicated account where all XML reports will be collect, eg.: raporty@yourdomain.pl
  • MPS Moon Settings:
    • define mail server path:
      eg. for MS Exchange: hereenterserveraddress:143/imap4/tls/novalidate-cert/debug
    • enter the name of the destination folder:
      eg. for MS Exchange: INBOX/Reports
    • the last step is to enter a login and password for connection authorizing.
  • If the data is correct and the connection is established setup screen will be extended to the field that defines how often the application MPS Moon will be checking e-mail.

After proper MPS Moon configuration, you should ensure that all MPS Satellite reported an indicated on the above e-mail.