How does supplies orders works?

Ordering functionality is a set of interconnected application modules that allow users to create any number of message templates that can be used to communicate via e-mail.

Suppose that the company administration wants to prepare the order to the supplier toner or printer service elements such as the fuser or maintenance kit. Just create a message template, which will list various information such as the description of the consumable, the current state of percentage, the projected date of consumption, and even information about the printer itself: device model, manufacturer’s name, serial number, location, or the state of the counter prints.

Once created template can be used repeatedly. Moreover, when generating the order, it is possible to select a template from the list, which can be very useful if you have several suppliers, or several individual destinations for the order.

When you create a template already, it is worthwhile to define a virtual system users in order to improve a process of ordering.

Imagine a situation that with different printing environment in terms of brand, we want to place orders to companies responsible for each brand. Then we can create three users for example: Company X – supplier Samsung, Company Y – supplier Lexmark, Company Z – supplier Konica Minolta, and several templates with content adapted to the order.

Then thrown into the cart those items of consumables, which can be exhaustion soon to send your request to the indicated earlier recipient.

Orders work exclusively via e-mail, so:

There is no risk of interference in the system from the outside.

We improve the ordering process toners providing a comprehensive provider of information.