How does notification work?

This is another extended functionality available in MPS Satellite version S.2.2.
The application menu appears in a new tab “Management“, which contains several important items:

  • Notifications
  • Mailbox
  • Basket

Running tab notifications gain access to parts of the system, which is responsible for the appearance of e-mail templates and the automatic processes configuration. With this solution, the application users have the ability to customize notification rules.

Creating Templates

Create a template e-mail is to determine:

  • template name,
  • title,
  • template type:
    • for operating events
    • for events service
    • for orders supplies
  • Status of template (whether active or inactive)

… and the most important – the appearance of messages.

We create content using HTML editor in which we write the message, taking into account the so-called: tags. Just writing that message pressed on the keyboard character: @ – to view a list of all available tags. There are two key principles to create a template. We can insert a so-called. @auto_content – which means that the application itself generates a message based on the default preset patterns, or @auto_row – where we create a built-in template for many events. This method allows you to specify they look for more items in the basket, or descriptions of several events service, because when an event occurs on several printers, the documents must contain the tag beginning ie. loop: @auto_row_start and @auto_row_end. between tags @auto_row we can enter any content equipped with other tags such as: @device_model, or @supplie_info.

After creating a template dedicated suitable types of events, it is necessary to configure automatic process.

Creating Automated Processes

In the first step, it is necessary to identify the type of process:

  • When the operation reaches a specified level
  • When there is a new element of life
  • When the prediction exchange operation is close
  • When an event of a certain priority
  • When an event occurs on a given content


Depending on the type of process you choose, you will see the appropriate form configuration.
In the form, specify the name of the process parameters dedicated recipients, the frequency of its occurrence and indicate which e-mail template to be used in the process.

The configuration allows for a very flexible creation of such notifications about events that may affect the improvement of operational processes in the company.

Example of use:

A common dilemma in the company to determine how much toner should be ordered next month.

How to use automatic proceses?

  1. Add the process category: When the prediction exchange operation is close,
  2. Name the process such as: Monthly planning operation
  3. The parameters dedicated to enter the number of days, eg: 25
  4. Determine rule:
  • Once a month
  • at 8:00
  • for day: 1 (ie, the first day of the month)

Activate the process and select the appropriate template.

With this configuration, every Monday will be sent a list of supplies that by prediction will be exhausted within 25 days.