Supplie Manager inside S.3.5.2

The consumables management functionality is becoming more and more important for MPS Satellite users. From version S.3.5.2 we provide the ability to control the status of all consumables on one screen. In addition, the operator – who cares about maintaining printers – gains the ability to interact with the system by hiding or sleeping the message for some time.

How does it work in detail?

Having a larger print infrastructure, it is useful to be able to view the current status of consumables. MPS Satellite provides such a view in a dedicated tab. There we will see a “map” of materials marked with the appropriate color (red, orange, green and gray). The color label can be defined individually, but by default they are defined as follows:

  • Red – for materials with a state of less than 2%
  • Orange – for materials with a state of less than 10%
  • Green – for materials with a state of less than 30%
  • Gray – for materials with a state between 30% and 100%.

The start view shows us all materials where level is worth observing – setting the upper value at 30% we will show those materials whose level is 10% higher – marked as gray.

Filters for the exploitation view.

To facilitate the coordination of management of individual locations, we have the opportunity to use the location search engine. Just enter the phrase used when defining the IP ranges to filter those materials that are assigned to a specific location. Alternatively, you can filter devices independently by group.


During daily work, the user may need to postpone the message. To accomplish this, it has two functions:

  • Sleep – causes the message to sleep for 24 hours;
  • Ignore for value – disables the display of the message until its percentage changes.

We hope that the new functionality will gain a positive feedback from users and the prospect of further development. Enjoy the new functionality.