MPS Space - 3 key features of the platform

Use a dedicated web platform to generate your MPS Satellite license and make an instant print audit of the print environment.

Register a key and receive a license on-line

Carry out an employee survey

Submit your needs and control the status of your submissions

How to order a license?

With MPS Space you will be able to purchase or download licenses for MPS Satellite at any time. Just sign up for your account at and then evaluate or order a demo license.

MPS Space platform allows:

  • Create a profile for your business
  • Make a valuation of the desired MPS Satellite license
  • Online license payment
  • Download the license certificate in a PDF file
  • Download the license file in LIC format
  • Control of the number of licenses and their validity
  • Automatic prior notification of expiration of license

MPS Space is also an ideal tool for companies wanting to re-distribute the MPS Satellite license. With the MPS Space platform you can also:

  • Registering companies that are the customer of the seller
  • Control and manage the licenses sold
  • Performing environmental audits
  • Generate license pricing
  • Get an attractive partner discount

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the features of the MPS Space platform.

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Why should you do environmental interview?

The most common problem when performing an audit of the print environment is to efficiently gather information from company employees who use printers. Ediko has developed an authoritative methodology that will allow users to quickly gather feedback through an advanced survey system.

The so-called survey campaign is performed on the special request of a company expecting such a service during an audit of the print environment or to verify the current quality of printing services.

How it’s working? 7 steps.

  1. Submit your wish to complete the survey by completing the contact form or email us.
  2. In response you will receive a message asking for registration in or asking to log in.
  3. On the desktop of the MPS Space platform you will see a new survey you can follow to find out what questions your colleagues may have.
  4. If you want additional questions to be included in the system, please let us know.
  5. Inform us about the preferred duration of the survey and the target number of respondents.
  6. Ask your co-workers to sign up for and participate in the survey.
  7. At the end of the study, you will receive a results report.

Ediko Application System

To improve collaboration with customers and users of MPS systems distributed by Ediko, MPS Space system has been equipped with a type of “ticket system”. Each task that will be reported to the Ediko, will be registered to then allow the user to control the status of such notification.

We encourage you to contact us by email.