Smart Scan II in S.3.5.7

Updating Linux environments is now a fact. The changes that have been officially circulated mean that the optimizations should also be implemented in MPS Satellite.

Version 3.5.7 introduces one key modification to the device scanning mechanism. We have introduced the Smart Scan II algorithm – which is run every minute in the default MPS Satellite configuration. However, the previous procedure has been replaced – now the Smart Scan process is initiated every minute – which first searches for printers in all declared network ranges, then analyzes the printers for their status and metric data – but from now on it does it successively. The polling of devices takes place in increments of 10 machines every 1 minute, until the process is completed. If the procedure is completed, a re-polling will take place 3 hours after the end of the previous process. The progress can now be seen in the technical smart scan table.

The update speeds up the scanning and significantly reduces the load on the server RAM memory.