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Satellite works with NanoPi and DietPi

To the most innovative integration of MPS Satellite with Raspberry Pi, joins next hardware and software solution. Nanopi with Dietpi software is our new recommended IT environment for MPS Satellite.

Nanopi is a microcomputer that is almost half smaller than Raspberry Pi. Technical parameters are close to RPI but low price can make it really competitive.

We have decided to make some tests on NanoPi. Firstly we have focused on installation process that was quite simple thanks to our Raspberry dedicated installation. Next thing is the performance of hardware. The cheapest version of Nanopi has only 512MB of RAM, that is similar to Raspberry Pi. So we will not do the large environment monitoring, however small printers network will be completely covered by such a solution.


Why MPS should apply innovative technologies.

MPS Satellite is influenced by the needs of the market related to the optimization of the costs of implementing the logic of MPS. Thanks to micro-computers cost of preparing the IT environment in the company is only a few dozen euros, and the effects and benefits are far greater.