S.2.8 – Translation Ready!

We are becoming more and more available to international users. MPS Satellite has been equipped with a translation module. Everyone can translate the application into their own language and in that way earn free license for own appliance.

New version of MPS Satellite was optimised for international users because of many request from abroad. We have decide to implement such a module which will be easy to understand for everyone who would like to use our application in own language version.

By default we have some languages already adopted. But it if there is a need, you can add any language you want to start translation.

MPS Satellite supports single and multi phrases translation. So click on the green pencil and chose your translation methodology. Just after you will finish translation, please send us the translation file. To do that you have to right click on the orange button and “save file as” … attach it to the email message and send it to contact @ mpssatellite.com.

We will upload it for every further MPS Satellite update.

Need support … we are here to help you!