S.2.4. Upgrade. Cloud + SDK solution.

We are facing the “cloud” solution. MPS Satellite will be able to integrate with your private data cloud, and with the SDK, you will learn how to automatically send data from MPS Satellite to the cloud.


Version S.2.4 – is primarily the preparation of MPS Satellite to work with cloud-based solutions. Simply enter the appropriate web address, for example: http://www.mpsspace.com/cloud.html, to send printer information to the indicated location.

On the other side, there may be an MPS service provider system or an application such as MPS Space that will receive information from MPS Satellite and aggregate it in the appropriate databases.


Another optimization of the database results from the increasing popularity of our system. We did not expect such extensive print environments to monitor our application – therefore, we are gradually expanding the possibilities of aggregating information.

Thanks to the optimization, even faster data are processed on the counter, which is intended to indicate the “trends” of the printing. For this purpose also created another widget available on the desktop application.


Version S.2.4. It also addresses the needs of those users who have signaled the need for changes to the way the supplies list is displayed on the device.


Version S.2.4 provides the ability to filter materials according to their current status, eg: view only working materials. The system will also remember the user setting so that when you switch to another device, you will see the same view as before.