S.2.2 Release – Supplies ordering and auto notification

Version S.2.2. is a series of new features and enhancements that respond to the expectations of current users, especially their ability to send automated notifications. Below we present the full list:

New features

  • Order supplies (read more)

    • orders from:
      • consumable card
      • inventory list
      • a list of materials in a particular printer
  • Basket orders
  • Preview the content of messages
  • Managing automatic notifications (read more)

    • creator for message templates
    • creator automated processes
    • pre-defined processes and templates
  • A new level of user rights
    • Auditor – user who has access to all localization defined in the application, but limited to modules
  • New fields characterizing the user (eg. Company Name)
  • Diagnostic functionality:
    • registry system logs
    • register opening time of each sub-system
  • Widgets startup screen:
    • preview of monitored manufacturers including the number of monitored printers, and with the possibility of transition to a statement dedicated only devices of the manufacturer.


  • optimizing refresh time table with the statement of the fundamental
  • the schedule extended by the function that reads printer status (online, offline)
  • added new statistics counters such as A3, A5, Scans, Faxes
  • added the basket button in the strategic places