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S.2.1 – Portuguese language in MPS Satellite

There is a new release S.2.1 that contain some important features. A3 prints analysis, changes of scan and fax counters and new language version. All of that is available for download.

What kind of counters are reached for MPS Satellite? – we are just started evolution of counters analysis in MPS Satellite. Now it is possible to read A3 prints and scans and faxes history. It can be quite important knowledge for making decisions in order to new purchases of printers.

MPS Moon features are getting more popular for our users, that is why we have developed new localization widget, that can be run on the application dashboard. Now its much easier to change localization among all of your clients.

International conference that MPS Satellite will be a part is coming soon. We hope that Portuguese language version will be a nice beginning of MPS evolution also in Iberian companies.