Partnership Invitation

It’s the time when we are trying to expand our software with the new world areas. We are looking for partners from all over the world. MPS Satellite is prepared for working with your clients printers in your native language. Join us!

Partnership Invitation

Expand your software portfolio with the best system for Manage Print Services

What you need to do?

We are looking for partners who are working with software implementation, so we need to know that you are able to support your clients in addition to all trade and maintenance cases. The crucial prove that you can do that is your registration on our license platform – MPS Space and after that you need to successfully download your license file. By doing that we will know, that you have already installed MPS Satellite – and it is working on.

What can we offer?

The maximum we can give to your company is an exclusive trade conditions for selling MPS Satellite. Every client who will register on our platform will be redirected to your trade people. Exclusivity only applies in the area of your country. You will get the maximum possible discount on the purchase of licenses and whole after-sale process will be on your side. It is great opportunity for increasing revenue from customer service.

How can we start?

Please let us know, that you are interested and fulfil the form below:


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