MPS Space platform changes

We have done some important changes and improvements in our MPS Space platform – which now – not only supports licenses management but also provide features for remote inventories. All of that is happening thanks to MPS Satellite software and our customers expectations.

MPS Space Рthat is available under Рmain reason of existence is connected with MPS Satellite license management. Our customers and users can make order for licenses and create them online at any moment. Space is a platform because it has developed with lot of new functionalities.

Registration to MPS Space is free and open for any user who want to test some Managed Print Services solutions, what are the possibilities?

  • Ticketing – all the e-mails that are sending to our official service address are under control, so you can check the status for the task that will be created to your ticket.
  • Ticketing Management – if you are a corporate client you can request for informations about tickets from all your corporate employees.
  • Partner Customers Management – if you are reseller or partner who want to distribute MPS Satellite licenses – you can use MPS Space as a platform which will protect your client for others partners. We want to make you sure that if you have some open project with your client, no one will have the chance to sell MPS Satellite except you.
  • All Devices Inventory – in one place – it means that you can use MPS Space as a platform for inventory of your own and your client devices. MPS Space collect informations about:
    • Device direct information, like: model, manufacturer, serial number, mac-address, ip and some location details
    • Device counters history: which is marge into monthly or daily periods with detailed data of counters and prints (general, mono, color, scan, fax, a3, a5)
    • Device supplies information: include all current data of precise consumable with the first and last percent value
  • Check point – is the feature that will let you do a time stamp for your MPS settlements. It is perfect way to control how many prints and what counters have been presented at precise date period.
  • Device Searching – is helpful for those who want to have quick access to the device by using serial number, model name or client name string.
  • Data export – to csv or excel.

All of new feature will help you to manage your devices from any place in the World. The only thing that must be done is correct configuration of MPS Satellite reporting – which will let to collect data in MPS Space – it is only your decision if you want to use our platform for supporting your business.

For any additional information contact our Customer Care team.