MPS Space – as a part of MPS Satellite ecosystem

MPS Satellite is an application which main feature is to monitor printers independently of manufacturer or external data sources – usually located in a virtual cloud. Our intention when creating this application was to provide flexibility in the process of demo testing, knowledge acquisition and the installation itself. Due to this, it was necessary to build an accompanying platform – and this is exactly what MPS Space performs.

MPS Space Platform – is available under¬† – is personalized to the user’s permissions. Registration in the system is free and requires the indication of an official – business – email address, which by alias assigns the user to a specific organizational structure.

The list of application functionalities is constantly growing, but its key classification can be described in categories: For Partners and For Users.

Communication with Ediko Sp. z o.o. – Ticketing

All applications sent to the address – are registered and controlled in the MPS Space system. Thanks to the notification system mechanisms, the user can monitor progress and view the history of notifications. An extensive authorization mechanism enables the leader in a given company to also see the status of notifications registered by other employees.

The communication mechanism has been integrated with the Warranticon application – i.e. the proprietary service system of Ediko. Thanks to this integration, the application is updated automatically and gains additional information on selected features of the tasks carried out to close the ticket.

MPS Satellite – license management support

MPS Space allows you to create a license 100% online at any time. The user has the option to order a license and pay for it with the PayPal payment system ( After positive verification of the transaction, the user’s account is topped up with virtual credits – which can be converted into licenses with a specific configuration.

The license generation process requires the prior installation of MPS Satellite in the target environment. To create a license, you need a key that can only be obtained from an existing application instance. To sum up MPS Space supports:

  • license inventory in accordance with the relation – creator and recipient of the license
  • creating demo, standard and perpetual licenses *
  • * .lic license and certificate in * .pdf format downloading
  • purchase of virtual credits using online payments or a pro-forma invoice application

Customer / Entity Management – CRM elements

As the license must be assigned to a specific customer, MPS Space allows you to register a company to which the person adding the entity gains priority. The priority right provides temporary exclusivity for license generation for a specific entity, which is certainly an important advantage for resellers or business partners.

Ediko does not guarantee indefinite exclusivity for the license of a given entity to a specific user, but to guarantee transparency and knowledge about business activity, the argument of first registration is always relevant at times of dispute.

Inventory of monitored devices

MPS Satellite users, who open the possibility of communication of their application instance with MPS Space, gain the possibility of inventory of monitored equipment also in MPS Space. This mechanism is valued primarily when the company needs to share selected information about printers with external specialists in the field of printing environment management, such as service companies or distributors of consumables.

Buyers Mode

This is an innovative service carried out through MPS Space, thanks to which companies with an extensive organizational structure gain the opportunity to implement a personalized shopping platform:

  • placing orders for consumables with the card payment function
  • order status tracking and package tracking
  • placing orders for maintenance services
  • product portfolio tailored to customer needs
  • guaranteed negotiable material prices
  • access to order history for the user and coordinator

Compendium of tools for Partners

MPS Space is primarily a powerful tool for Resellers and Implementation Partners of MPS Satellite – who gain not only access to license management mechanisms, but also to the Offer Generator. Partner authorization in the field of license distribution – guarantees partners access to an extremely intuitive tool for pricing and archiving offers addressed to end customers.


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