MPS Satellite mobile in Apple Store & Google Play

MPS Satellite mobile is available for you in Apple Store and Google Play. How it works? It is not such a strange question so we ant to explain it a bit.

MPS Satellite mobile, why we have done it?

Mobile Application is able to find network printer from same network that your mobile is connected with. Searching for printers is a first feature that you can use, but for those who would like to share printer details with some Managed Print Services provider, we are offering premium version of our application. The premium version is activated based on an account registered with MPS Space – so any business user can register account for free and in the next step connect MPS Space with MPS Satellite mobile.

We know how important is to automate process of distribution counters information for B2B users, who are operated by an external company. Mostly based on counters from proper day, MPS contract is settled and there is no need to communicate it individually.

We want to solve a typical problem in terms of the need to perform many activities to provide information about meters to various partners. MPS Satellite mobile can talk to MPS Space and forward statistics to an external company who can be responsible for delivering supplies or frequent settlements of the contract between.

Version 1.0 of MPS Satellite mobile

We want to check if our application will find its followers. It can be used for Home Office or Business appliance. There can be many reasons why MPS Satellite mobile can help you. For example:

– case 1 – You can work in your home, but you are using corporate printer that you have from your employer. If your mother company is monitoring printers – there will be a problem with remote monitoring at your home. Turn on MPS Satellite mobile and activate its account connecting with your corporate domain. Than all technical informations will be stored in the place that IT administrator can have quick and even automate access.

case 2 –  If your company has many branches but only one printer per branch, you can suggest to the head of the branch to run the application on the mobile. The manager will be pleased because some of the work related to the analysis of printing devices and reporting their condition will be performed by MPS Satellite.

Let’s start with MPS Satellite mobile – and do not hesitate to contact us if you will want to add some feature inside the app. We want it to be friendly for it’s users.