How to verify MPS Moon functionalities?

If you have problems with MPS Moon modules which are responsible for reading e-mails from other MPS Satellites, please take a look at quick diagnostics methods

Step 1.

The most important thing is to connect MPS Moon to your IMAP mailbox. If you will do that correctly, you will find a dialog box with the amount of e-mails inside your mailbox.

Dialog Box

Step 2.

Make sure that CRON functions are working fluently. Go to Settings > Diagnostics and take a look at the menu placed on the left side of main screen. You should find there labels called: “cron”, “moon_reports”, and “moon_status”.

  • Cron should activate itself every 1 minute
  • In moon reports control if e-mails are stored in the Satellite history
  • In moon status – check out the quality of your e-mails
Moon Reports #1
Mail History
Mail quality #1
Moon Reports #2
Sender report
Mail quality #2

Step 3.

All of above elements should be available for you if your device CRON will meet an action called: “moon step”. It will be visible every specific time that you have settled during Moon activation process.

Moon Step (control)

Step 4.

In the Client menu you should found a list of Companies that are on hold status. Moderate that companies in the way you want.

Clients activation

Make sure that all of above screens are similar to yours. If not, please inform us, by sending an e-mail with logs screens in attachment.