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MPS Satellite App - Samsung XOA Printers

Digital widget

Application allows to send on demand reports.

Sended amount ...

It is inform how many reports were already send.

Counting down

It shows you the time when next report will be seeded automatically

Widget Settings

Application contains separated configuration form.


Its simple and easy for professional users. Just download and place app on the usb-stick.

What does it send?

E-mail with html table and json reports.

Key feature of MPS Satellite App

It is focused on receiving proper information which should be delivered to MPS Satellite by e-mail.

Reciving and reports working

If only you will set an receiving e-mail address that is connected to MPS Satellite in Moon version, printer statistics will be saved in database.

Important benefits

Its about fluent reporting of data that will allow for quick prints amount analysis and accounting.

Download it now, and start to work with automatic reports from your single printer.