Environmental survey

It is hard to talk about professional print environment auditing – on the basis of information collected from the devices. Printers are for people who use these devices for their business purposes. For this reason, MPS Satellite is built next to the MPS Space platform, allowing you to efficiently and professionally perform the survey among all your business associates.

What is the process of questioning?

Ediko based on its years of experience in maintaining the printing infrastructure, has developed a series of questions that enable to verify the quality of printers and all print services.

Just submit your needs to conduct a survey in your company, register your domain, eg @company.com in the MPS Space system, and then send out a request to participate in the survey – to all or selected employees of the company.

Each contributor will have the opportunity to set up their MPS Space account to access the survey. Within a moment of completion of the questionnaire – the person indicated will receive a PDF report containing the statistics for the surveyed company.

Why do you have to do an environmental study?

In addition to controlling the devices themselves, it is important to answer for questions like: are the users of the printers satisfied? and what problems they encounter during their work? The survey should be done periodically to control whether the situation improves and the quality of products and services changes as intended.

When the business environment is very scattered, the details that influence the efficiency of your employees may be important. Can they use printers? Which of the machine functions most benefit from? Is the performance of the service company or supplier works well? These are just a few issues that can indicate the bottleneck of the entire system.

How much does the test cost?

We encourage you to contact us using contact form. Inform us about your needs with regard to the study, paying attention first to the number of participants in the survey. In response to your message, you will receive price information and additional opportunities for MPS Space platoon and environmental poll services.