Installation process for Raspberry Pi


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Installation file details:

  • Application Version: S.3.5.9
  • File date: 10.03.2022 09:05
  • File size: 55,5 MB
  • File extention: ZIP

Step by step

Raspberry Pi installation is based on file script that needs to be run under linux command line as terminal (on Mac) or putty (on Windows). It is important to have completely clean version of Raspberry Pi card, because installation process will adjust system for working with MPS Satellite functions.

The content below describes the installation process from the beginning – so unbox Raspberry Pi and plug in network and powering it on. The movie below will present the process step by step.

Just after the movie screen we are describing process step by step. 

+ - Prepare tools

Firstly prepare your Raspberry Pi for working with your local network. You can use our video demonstration as a tutorial for plugging in. If only you will power it on and receive an ip address you need to open command line that supporting bash commands.

Read more about Raspberry PI OS

+ - Open terminal or PuTTY

For demonstration purpose we will use terminal from Mac OS X as a console to Raspberry. Commands are same in both operating systems – Microsoft Windows and Apple OS.

So lets make connection by entering command:

sudo ssh pi@[here write ip address]

Default access for Raspberry Pi is login: pi, and password: raspberry.

+ - Download installer on your Raspberry

If you are connected successfully than run root mode:

sudo su

After that you should be redirected to /home/pi directory

Run online downloading by command:


+ - Installation initiation

Installation package should be now on your Raspberry Pi so now lets run the installation process:


By the command above you will extract files to the folder install, so after that you will need to enter that directory:

cd install

and initiate auto installation process:


After you press “Y” to initiate automatic process, follow instructions at every prompt.

+ - After receiving IP

If only you will get an information that installation is done note IP address that will be presented on the last note.

Use IP address in website browser … to get a view like this below:

This will be the maintenance-mode screen where you will need to settle proper database configuration. Just because during installation process you had a choice to enter your own parameters now you need to check if they are configured well.

If anything will go wrong, run installation script again and be careful while entering database connection.

+ - Log in to application

If your “Database” box on the maintenance screen will present green light it means that you can do a first log in to MPS Satellite.

login: admin
password: admin

If anything will go wrong. Try to use “rebuild” button for database auto-reloading.

+ - How to upload license?

After first application initiation you will quickly realize that you must upload the license that activates all MPS Satellite features. Please follow the procedure of obtaining a license is described in a separate section of the site