Alaris Scanners in MPS Satellite Inventory

We are announcing the cooperation between Ediko and Kodak Alaris. The companies jointly created a concept for the development of MPS device fleet management system – MPS Satellite – extended by Scanners from Kodak Alaris. In this moment Satellite can track the network by monitoring USB Scanners, which are connected to a user’s PC.


The business story is quite smart and simple. Managed Print Services has already reached its maturity and is dynamically developing. All MPS providers and clients expect more and more universal software solutions which is  why we have focused on the challenge. Thanks to MPS Satellite’s  on-premise software methodology,  the trust and transparency of our solution is not only an achievement but also wide possibility.

Scanning is the process that develops most dynamically. In this moment there are two kinds of scanning devices: multifunctional devices and scanners as such. The larger the organization, the more important and confidential the scanning process becomes. The size of the organisation is also followed by the need to invest in dedicated scanners and supported by advanced digitization systems.

Kodak Alaris is a leader among competitors due to its, superior image quality, and digitization processes.  Additionally, because of their wide portfolio of devices,  we can provide multiple options to our Satellite inventory. The most common scanning method among customers is using scanners connected to a computer via a USB port. This type of connection is  dedicated to accounting, logistics and billing departments. Management and IT departments want to know how many scans are processed on a single device and in precise place. MPS Satellite provides this information after integration with a Kodak Alaris USB Agent.

Integration Process

The process only requires the distribution of the “Alaris SM Agent” to any PC that is connected to the scanner. Installation is quick and simple. After successful installation, MPS Satellite should be paired by port indication directly on the application in the “Personalization” fields.


We can provide any additional details on request. Please use the form, which is dedicated to communicate the demand for MPS Satellite. Our support team will answer all the questions you have.