Synergy with Alaris scanning technology.

The possibility of extending services related to the workflow of documents in the enterprise are clearly increasing. This is due to the integration of IT solutions, which apparently did not have common denominators, and ultimately proved to be a broad perspective.

There is a business specialization sector that focuses on document-related processes. These people know how important is to control and manage equipment that generates or processes documents. Application MPS Satellite responds to the needs of these users.

Ediko, as a dealer and integrator of maintenance services, has transferred its knowledge and experience to this application, just becouse of the fact, that the diversity of customer IT environments is huge. The first leading problem was the ability to automate the process of accounting for MPS services. How many prints were made in a given time? And how to collect this data from a large number of devices, scattered in different locations? Thanks to solutions such as MPS Satellite, we not only monitor device load but also carry out their detailed inventory.

Finally, we find many niche situations. Those that are seemingly ignored. Scanners are such an example. After all, these devices work with extremely important documents. The condition of scanners and their proper use is more and more often a critical moment in the process of document circulation.

MPS Satellite was designed to monitor network devices that are SNMP friendly. Unfortunatelly huge part of scanners are only USB enabled. This is not something strange while scanners are usually dedicated to a single workstation. These assumptions inspire to take action.

How to control the number of scans being created and how to track workstations IP addresses that scanner is connected to? Is it even possible to remotely control USB scanners?

Every upper question were the reason for establishing cooperation in the integration of Ediko and Alaris solutions. The crucial thing for Kodak Alaris Inc. was to understand Managed Print Services. Ediko as a leading integrator on the Polish market in highly specialized equipment service – the only such profiled company in the world – decide to create advanced solution for printers monitoring. The synergy of competences of these companies and the involvement of several employees resulted in the creation of a comprehensive tool with huge market potential.


Kodak Alaris Inc. has gained a partner that allows to expand the business perspective for providers of document digitization solutions. The possibilities are very extensive and it is extremely difficult to list them all. Hovewer the crucial is the fact of having one application that handle not only printers but also scanners. Based on the most featured functionalities it is possible to:

  • do advanced inventory of devices,
  • fully automatic device location tracking,
  • analyzing the history of printouts or scans,
  • monitoring the status of selected device modules,
  • monitoring the current operating status of the device,
  • combining information on internal characteristics: the name or number of the fixed asset, date and type of guarantee, notes on use.

Speed to reach customers with such functionalities is a matter of an efficient sales channel. Ediko as a dynamically developing company, thanks to cooperation with Kodak Alaris Inc. not only gaining a great partner in new business areas, but also the potential to achieve a new scale of operations.

Thanks to the global coverage that Alaris has built up for years, advanced solutions for monitoring of printouts and digitization are now even more innovative and widely available.

The scope of portfolio in case of that two companies is constantly growing. Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution or Warranticon, a system that is developed by the Ediko development team has lots of common areas and it’s certainly worth observing what benefits will be communicated through collaboration of Ediko Sp. z o.o. and Kodak Alaris Inc.