Alaris SNMP Agent

MPS Satellite integration with Kodak Alaris Scanners

MPS Satellite can be used to monitor Scanners from Kodak Alaris. It is possible if the user’s PC has installed “Alaris SM Agent” – the application which provides SNMP communication.

“Alaris SM Agent” was created by the Kodak Alaris team with the intention of implementing scanners for solutions from the manage print services category. Most of fleet management tools like MPS Satellite are using SNMP protocol to collect important data inventory, but the proper integration process is required.

MPS Satellite since version S.3.4.7 contains an algorithm responsible for processing data flowing from the scanner through the Alaris SM Agent. The only thing that must be done is to implement the agent on all computers to which the scanners are connected.

Installation Process

  1. We assume that MPS Satellite has already been installed, that’s why we start the installation process by running the agent on the computer.
  2. During the installation process it is very important to point a specific protocol which will be used for SNMP communication. The best practice will be using port number 161, but if it is already used for another proces it is possible to indicate another one, like: 6161. This is the only condition that must be met in order to properly obtain data on the workstation side.
  3. If only Alaris SM Agent is working on, it is the time to configure MPS Satellite – Personalisation site. Make sure that the port you have chosen to make SNMP communication is available under “Tracking ports” label of the form.

If the upper steps are valid and the IP address of the workstation is in the scope range, the scanning process can be run – just to check if the “Alaris” scanners will be available for the MPS Satellite scheduled processes.

Time triggers

Important usage of device components and power-up time

Scan Counters

Total value and historical changing

Advanced usage data

Firmware version and power up time


General inventory information including serial number and model name