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What kind of features we will add in the closest future?

version S.2.2 (January / February 2017)

Email template for automatic communication

It will be possible to create scheme of an email for auto-sending if only an event happen. We want to solve problem of those users that want to inform other people or institutions about problems with printers. It will be also a great way to create some automatic reports for management board or IT departments.

Supplies ordering

It is the feature that we can call as the long-awaited. Finally MPS Satellite users, will have the possibility to send e-mail message to the group of users that are responsible for toners delivery. Every message will have extended information about current counter, locations and serial number of printer. It will help to control the process supplies purchasing or managing.

version S.2.3 (June / July 2017)


It is a feature for MPS Moon users mainly, who want to collect all service calls that were received on the service dispatcher e-mail address. We will deliver the functionality of managing with that events with such options as status changing and automatic replies sending.

handheld storage

It is dedicated to those users who manage large print environment and who needs to have the possibility of inventory supplies that are waiting in the queue to printer. MPS Satellite will inform, about the fact that there is a toner dedicated to the printer that should be use.

wersja S.2.4 (September / Octomber 2017)

Contract Settle

It is a key process for all Manage Print Services companies, that want to solve problems with the use of time working man. Thanks to that feature there will be a possibility to register specific contract conditions and manage the reports dedicated to a specific customers.

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