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Change history

What changes occurred in the various versions of the application?

version S.2.6 to S.2.8

30th, October 2018


  • Fixes for license management module;
  • Removed errors from browser console;
  • Fixes for update module;
  • Usprawnienia modułu aktualizacji;
  • Auto cleaning for zero counters;
  • Update for devices from Epson (serial number and firmware reading);
  • Update for exploring devices from HP Inc, Ricoh and Sharp;
  • Fixes for sorting IP columns in general report;
  • Fixes for updating;

New features:

  • Translation supporting module;
  • System status communicating in the status bar;
  • New backup features available for downloading crypted zip file.
  • Fits to Ubuntu 15 & Ubuntu 18.

version S.2.4 to S.2.5

1st, March 2018


  • Fixes for all functions that are counting counters amount in time (2018/03/14)
  • Scanner – fixed range ip definitions. Now it is possible to define only one IP address range;
  • Changes in the type of counters storing;

What is new:

  • Trends – dashboard is extended with new widget that presents the global printing trend.
  • CLOUD SDK (more here)
  • Changes in supplies screen for proper device. Now it is possible to define default filtering for supplies status;
  • There is a new config screen for variables setting – variables are used to define range of “Trend” showing and supplies status changing.

version S.2.2.2 to S.2.3

26th, May 2017

New functionality:

cURL definitions – is a special feature of MPS Satellite, which allows administrator to manage printer settings by distributing configuration files. The functionality of the cUrl Definition is provided in beta version, which will be the basis for the case study.

24th, May 2017

  • Added:
    • new tags (@device_localisation_contact, @device_localocalisation_special) in addition to email reports

11th, May 2017

  • Fixes:
    • proper dips for (@device_local_more, @device_local_inside)in addition to email reports
    • update for devices library

28th, April 2017

  • New functions
    • Ability to specify a “multiplier” for A3 and A5 print volumes – for selected brands of printing devices. With this function in the module “Personalization” it is possible to specify a multiplier for eg.: A3 prints – so that every 1 page A3 is included in the A4 print volume as 2xA4 (and for prints A5 = 0.5xA4).
  •  Poprawki
    • Improved processing and coding of consumable descriptions.

14th, April 2017

  • Performance improvements
    • Improvements in passwords protections at general screens
    • Adding polish translations for themes and processes management

7th, February 2017

  • New functionality:
    • SNMP communication controling. Since S.2.2.2 version, there is a possibility to configure SNMP parameters such as Community (ex. “PUBLIC”) and time interval for every one directed query to the printer. All that options are available from the Personalization in the application.
    • Autoupgrade – is an option for upgrading MPS Satellite automatically. You can turn on auto upgrade from menu “Personalisation”, for settle your request. If MPS Satellite is online, it will check if there is a new version of application, available on the official If there is a new version, than it will be downloaded and install automatically every day at 23:45.
  • Performance improvements
    • Fixing for the processes of receiving e-mails by MPS Moon feature.

version S.2.2.1

5th, February 2017

  • automatic processes fixed

version S.2.2

12th, January 2017

  • Order supplies (read more)
    • orders from:
      • consumable card
      • inventory list
      • a list of materials in a particular printer
  • Basket orders
  • Preview the content of messages
  • Managing automatic notifications (read more)
    • creator for message templates
    • creator automated processes
    • pre-defined processes and templates
  • A new level of user rights
    • Auditor – user who has access to all localization defined in the application, but limited to modules
  • New fields characterizing the user (eg. Company Name)
  • Diagnostic functionality:
    • registry system logs
    • register opening time of each sub-system
  • Widgets startup screen:
    • preview of monitored manufacturers including the number of monitored printers, and with the possibility of transition to a statement dedicated only devices of the manufacturer.

version S.2.1.7

19th, December 2016

  • Fixed:
    • Repair installation module in case of SQL connection.

version S.2.1.6

24th, November 2016

  • Fixed:
    • Empty XML reports sending.

version S.2.1.5

22th, November 2016

  • Fixed:
    • Decrypting module of IonCube configuration (more in FAQ)
  • Changes:
    • Small UX modifications in secondary menu

version S.2.1

3rd, November 2016

  • Fixed:
    • Translations
    • Layouts on the screen

31th, October 2016

  • Fixed:
    • Summing prints and scans amounts on grouping labels
    • Presenting colors on Supplies Galaxy
  • Changes in data base:
    • optimalisation of counters saving in database that includes A4 and A3 and even scans and faxes.
    • excluded table for every type of counter in database
  • Added:
    • New language of application: Portuguese
    • Widget for localization changing on the application dashboard
    • Counters for Scans and Faxes in the General Table, in Product Card and in all others tables of reports
    • Counter of A3 and A5 prints in Product Card and General Report
    • Chart lines for scans and faxes in Product Card

version S.2.0

19th, September 2016

  • Fixes in xml reports
  • Database rebuilding on login screen

29th, August 2016

  • Single counter removing
  • Integration with MPS Satellite single monitoring on Samsung devices

25th, August 2016

  • Official release of version S.2.0